武汉免费信息电子机械 【人教新首点】1-6年级下册期末复习单元知识汇总,珍藏学习!

early 早 exercise 锻炼 tired 困倦的;疲劳的



mark 分数 advice 提出 more 更多的

3. Where is 地点?

-- I’ ve got a/ an 疾病名称.

2. -- Do you like 科现在名称?

No, I can’ t.

Teacher’ s Day 教师节 National Day 国庆节


No, we don’ t.

Christmas Day 圣诞节 birthday 生日 fifth (5th) 第五

9. What classes do you have? 你有什么课?


7. Please wear sports shoes in the gym. 请在体育场里穿活动鞋。

-- It’ s on September 1st. 它在九月一日。

3. Who is that 某人?


1. -- When is 节日?

3. Put your schoolbag on the chair. 把你的书包放在椅子上。


-- She has curly black hair. She wears glasses. 她梳着暗色的卷发。她戴眼镜。

station (车)站 place 地方 thing 事;事物

-- No, I don’ t. 不,吾不爱益。

2. -- How can I get to the post office? 吾怎样才能到达邮局?

-- It’ s cold. 明天很冷。



-- It’ s on the desk. 它在桌子上。

No, I don’ t.

5. Tuesday is my favourite day. 星期二是吾最爱益的镇日。

eg: What does your father do? 你爸爸是做什么的?

rainy 下雨的 cloudy 多云的 snowy 下雪的

stadium (露天)体育场

5. -- What’ s wrong? 怎么了?

where 在那里 the 放在名词前,特指人、事或物

supermarket 超市 ball 球

-- A bird. 一只鸟。

-- It’ s 描述天气状况的形容词.

-- It’ s 地点.

3. -- Do you like PE? 你爱益体育吗?

-- It’ s sunny. 今天阳光优裕。

3. -- Is there a post office in the neighbourhood? 街区里有邮局吗?



6. -- What should I do? 吾该怎么办?

2. -- Is there 某物 地点状语?

art gallery 画廊;艺术馆 public library 公共图书馆

2. -- What classes do you have on Monday? 你们星期一有什么课?


-- It is 位置.

5. You can see the sports stadium near the lake. 你能够在湖附近望到体育场。

across from 在迎面 next to 紧邻 between 在......之间

eg: -- What’s under the bed? 床下面是什么?


-- No, I can’ t. 不,吾不会。

-- Yes, we do. 是的,吾们有。

-- Yes, there is.

11. I have some advice for you. 吾给你一些提出。


1. -- How can I get to the sports centre? 吾怎样能到达体育中央?


9. -- Do you wash your hands before eating? 你吃东西前洗手吗?

eg: There is a bank near the Chinese restaurant. 在中餐厅左右有一个银走。

1. -- What’s behind the door? 门后面是什么?

-- You can take the subway. 你能够乘地铁。

3. -- How are you going to celebrate 节日?

-- We have Chinese, art, English and PE.

No, there isn’ t.

-- It’ s rainy. 下雨了。


3. It is very cold and snowy in Canada in the winter. 添拿大的冬天专门冷而且多雪。

eg: It’ s on the second floor. 它在二楼。

4. Please 动词(短语)真相( 其他).


-- I/ We 频率副词 动词(短语)真相( 其他).


5. -- What are you doing? 你在做什么?

10. You shouldn’ t eat with dirty hands. 你不该该用脏手吃饭。

near 挨近武汉免费信息电子机械,挨近 behind 在......背后

-- It’ s on 详细日期.

drink 喝;饮 before 在......之前 dirty 肮脏的

-- It’ s windy. 刮风了。

1. -- Where is 事物?

can't 不及武汉免费信息电子机械,不会

3. There are many beautiful buildings in downtown Toronto. 多伦多市中央有很多时兴的修建物。

Please do your homework withe black pen. 请用暗色笔写家庭作业。


-- No, I can’ t. 不武汉免费信息电子机械,吾不会。



live 居住;生活 quite 很,相等 scarf 围巾 airport 机场

标签:幼学英语 同步学习

-- It’ s neat the post office. 它在邮局附近。

Mother’ s Day 母亲节 Children’ s Day 儿童节 Father’ s Day 父亲节

on 在......上 under 在......下面;在......下方 in 在......内里

-- I’ m/ We’ re going to 动词(短语)真相( 其他).



windy 刮风的 sunny 清明的 umbrella 雨伞

2. -- What’s under the desk? 桌子下面是什么?

1. How can I get (to) 地点?

-- I’ ve got a fever. 吾发烧了。

7. Here you are. 给你。

too much 太多 candy 糖果 go to bed 往睡;睡眠

8. You shouldn’ t eat too much candy. 你不该该吃太多糖果。

New Year’ s Day 新年 Tree Planting Day 植树节

-- No, we don’ t. But we have computers in our classroom.

3. We love our school. 吾们爱益吾们的私塾。


1. -- Can you 动词(短语)真相?

hospital 医院 bookshop 书店 school 私塾

5. -- Who is that girl? 谁人女孩儿是谁?


-- It’ s Mother’ s Day. 它是母亲节。

light 灯 bed 床 door 门;出入口 box 箱子;盒子

playground 操场,活动场 first 第一的 second 第二的

-- Yes, I do. 是的,吾爱益。

-- It’ s in the desk. 它在桌子里。

desk 书桌;写字台 blackboard 暗板

3. Let’ s go and play. 吾们往玩吧。

4. My aunt is a doctor in a hospital. 吾婶婶是医院的别名大夫。

-- Go straight and turn right at the first crossroads. 直走,在第一个十字路口右转。

eg: What classes do you have on Monday? 星期一你有什么课?

classroom 教室 library 图书馆 toilet 厕所,洗手间

2. -- What do you do on that day?

-- It’ s on March 12th. 它在三月十二日。

grocery 食品杂货店 turn left 向左转 turn right 向右转

8. In the room, there is a big wardrobe and a desk. 房间里有一个大衣柜和一个书桌。更多内容请关注微信公多号:幼学英语

always 总是 stomachache 胃疼 headache 头疼

-- Go straight and turn left at the first crossroads. It’ s between the bookshop and the grocery. 直走,在第一个十字路口左转。它在书店和食品杂货店之间。

PE 体育 music 音笑 maths 数学 art 艺术

5. Let’ s make a snowman. 让吾们堆雪人吧。


-- I often make a card for my teacher. 吾频繁给吾的先生制作一张卡片。

celebrate 祝贺 have a picnic 野餐 office 办公室

eg: Don’ t shout in the hospital. 不要在医院大声喧嚣。

6. We have maths, Chinese, PE and science on Tuesday.

5. -- Where is it? 它在哪?


-- We are going to read some books about trees. 吾们打算读一些关于树的书。

-- I am going to make a poster for Tree Planting Day. 吾打算制作一张植树节海报。




1. -- Where is 场所?

6. My grandma is a writer. 吾祖母是别名作家。

4. We should eat a lot of fruit. 吾们答该吃很多水果。

-- Yes, I can.

3. -- Can you swim? 你会游泳吗?


-- A chair. 一把椅子。

-- Yes, I can. 是的,吾会。

together 在一路;共同 special 稀奇的;稀奇的

-- I’ ve got a stomachache. 吾胃疼。




1. -- Where is the ruler? 尺子在那里?

-- Yes, we do. It’ s on the first floor. 是的,吾们有。它在一楼。


downtown 闹市区,市中央 Lake Ontario 安约略湖

3. We shouldn’ t eat too much candy. 吾们不该该吃太多糖果。



-- Go straight. Turn left at the second crossroads. The library is on the right. 直走。在第二个十字路口左转。图书馆在右边。

eg: What’ s the weather like in Xi’ an? 西安的天气怎么样?


1. -- Do you have a/ an 私塾设施名称?

pupil 幼门生 arrive 到达 meet 欢迎;遇见;会面

1. -- Is there a library? 有一个图书馆吗?

-- Where is your pen? 你的钢笔在那里?

1. -- How can I get (to) 地点?

get to 到达 before 在......之前 leave 脱离 toy 玩具

-- We have 学科名称.

4. -- How can I get there? 吾怎样能到达那里?

1. What’ s the weather like 其他?

1. -- What’ s wrong?

eg: -- What’ s the weather like in Xi’ an? 西安的天气是什么样的?

3. Don’ t 动词(短语)真相( 其他).


-- It’ s on the first floor. 它在一楼。


4. -- What do you do on that day? 你们在那天做什么?

-- No, there isn’ t. 不,异国。

-- You can take a bus. 你能够乘公共汽车。

eg: How can I get to Renmin park? 吾怎样才能往人民公园?

1. -- What’ s the weather like today? 今天的天气是什么样的?

-- It’ s under the chair. 它在椅子下面。

-- Yes, I can. 是的,吾会。

eg: I am seven years old. 吾七岁了。

-- Yes, there is. 是的,有。


-- What’s near the desk? 桌子左右是什么?

-- It’ s on the desk. 它在桌子上。

eg: -- What do you do on that day? 你在那天做什么?

our 吾们的 they 他们 chair 椅子

-- Ted is showing Bill around the school. 特德正带领比尔参不都雅私塾。



5. -- Where is the book? 书在那里?

eg: -- Is there a bookshop near here? 这附近有书店吗?

8. -- What are they doing? 他们正在做什么?


4. What classes do you have( 其他)?



3. There are a lot of interesting toys there. 那里有很多乐趣的玩具。

7. I arrived in Toronto this morning. 今天早晨吾到达了多伦多。

stay 中止 star 星 king 国王 central 中央的

eg: -- How are you going to celebrate New Year? 你们打算怎么祝贺新年?

-- A ball. 一个球。

tenth (10th) 第十 twelfth (12th) 第十二


4. There is a/ an 某物 地点.




-- Can you sing? 你会唱歌吗?

eg: -- How can I get to the bank? 吾怎样往银走?

-- Yes, we do.

4. -- Can you make a model plane? 你会做飞机模型吗?

-- Yes, there is. 是的,有。

eg: -- Can you dance? 你会跳舞吗?


2. -- What do you do on that day? 你们在那天做什么?

2. It’ s on the 序数词 floor.


4. We have a science room, an art room and a library on the first floor.


There are many beautiful flowers in the park. 公园里有很多时兴的花。

-- Not always. 不总洗。

5. I am 数字 year(s) old.

2. Bill is going to Canada and is going to stay there for five months. 比尔打算往添拿大并且打算在那里待五个月。

-- We have English and music. 吾们有英语和音笑。

4. -- Where is the book? 书在那里?更多内容请关注微信公多号:幼学英语

show...around 带领......参不都雅 Queen’ s Park 女王公园

eg: Who is that boy? 谁人男孩儿是谁?

4. -- What’ s the weather like today? 今天的天气是什么样的?

2. -- Do you have a library in your school? 你们私塾有图书馆吗?

city 城市 street 街道 sports centre 体育中央

see a film 望电影 go boating 往划船 busy 忙碌的


人教新首点三年级 Unit1 知识汇总

-- Go straight. It’ s on your right. It’ s next to the restaurant. 直走。它在你的右边。它紧邻餐馆。

2. You should exercise every day and go to bed early. 你答该每天锻炼并早点儿睡眠。更多内容请关注微信公多号:幼学英语


3. -- How can I get (to) 地点?

2. I want to buy some toys. 吾想买一些玩具。

make a model plane 做飞机模型 make a snowman 堆雪人

play football 踢足球 fly a kite 放风筝 ride a bike 骑自走车

1. -- What’s 地点?

6. There is a famous restaurant next to the stadium. 体育场左右有一家著名的餐厅。


4. We have five PE classes and three science classes a week.

-- Do you like maths? 你爱益数学吗?

weather 天气 wow 哇 let's 让吾们......

1. -- What’ s the weather like 地点/ 时间?

eg: -- What’ s wrong? 怎么了?

chair 椅子 desk 书桌,写字台 blackboard 暗板


人教新首点五年级 Unit1 知识汇总

-- You can take a/ an/ the 交通工具.

1. -- Can you play football? 你会踢足球吗?

restaurant 餐馆 post office 邮局 bank 银走

Chinese 语文;汉语(的) English 英语(的) science 科学

wardrobe 衣柜

take photos 照相 museum 博物馆 dream 梦

1. -- Do you have a computer room in your school?

third 第三的 floor (楼)层 room 房间

eg: You should keep quiet in hospital. 你答该在医院保持坦然。


hotel 宾馆 square 广场 buy toys 买玩具


eg: -- Do you have a music room? 你们有音笑教室吗?

1. Please do your homework. 请做家庭作业。

幼英先生给行家准备了幼学英语人教新首点期末复习单元知识汇总,快来珍藏 学习。


2. There are 某物(复数) 地点.




2. 主语 should/ shouldn’ t 动词真相( 其他).

-- We have Chinese, art and science. 吾们有语文,美术和科学。

1. -- Where is the hospital? 医院在那里?


go straight 直走 crossroads 十字路口 neighbourhood 街坊;附近 send 寄;发送 get 得到 money 钱

1. -- When is Tree Planting Day? 植树节在什么时候?


4. There is a big lake in Toronto called Lake Ontario. 多伦多有一个大湖叫安约略湖。

人教新首点四年级 Unit1 知识汇总


3. -- What day is it? 它是什么日子?

-- 事物。

1. -- What classes do you have on 星期?

You shouldn’ t eat too much meat. 你不该该吃太多肉。


eg: -- Where is my hat? 吾的帽子在那里?

-- What’ s the weather like tomorrow? 明天的天气是什么样的?

a lot of 大量;很多 sleepy 困的;欲睡的 subject 学科

5. The toy shop is between a cinema and a park. 玩具店在电影院和公园之间。

-- Yes, I do.

人教新首点 二年级 Unit1 知识汇总

eg: -- Do you like English? 你爱益英语吗?

1. -- What classes do you have on Monday? 你们星期一有什么课?

-- You should drink some water. 你答该喝一些水。

2. Put your schoolbag under the chair. 把你的书包放在椅子下面。

2. What does 主语(第三人称单数) do?

computer class 计算机课 we 吾们 that 那,谁人


eg: -- When is Teacher’ s Day? 教师节在什么时候?

-- I often buy flowers for mu mum. 吾频繁为吾妈妈买花。

7. Christmas Day is a special day in Western countries for all the family. 在西方国家,圣诞节对于一切家庭来说都是一个稀奇的日子。

eg: -- Where is the bank? 银走在哪?


-- Yes, I can. 是的,吾会。

eg: Where is the library? 图书馆在哪?

eg: -- What classes do you have on Friday? 你们星期五有什么课?

-- No, I can’ t. 不,吾不会。


-- It’ s cloudy. 是多云。

-- We often plant trees. 吾们频繁植树。

6. Don’ t eat in the computer room. 别在计算机室吃东西。

-- They’ re in Willow Primary School. 他们在柳树幼学。


-- Go straight. / Turn left/ right... It’ s ...

2. -- Can you ride a bike? 你会骑自走车吗?

7. -- Where are Bill and Ted? 比尔和特德在那里?

1. What’ s the weather like there? 那里的天气怎么样?

-- Yes, I do. 是的,吾爱益。




2. -- How can I get there? 吾怎样才能到那里?

twenty-fifth (25th) 第二十五 plant 种植 make a poster 制作海报

2. -- What’ s the weather like in Shanghai? 上海的天气是什么样的?



-- You can take a bus. 你能够乘公共汽车。

-- It’ s in my pencil box. 它在吾的铅笔盒里。


10. -- What does Miss Jackson look like? 杰克逊先滋长什么样?

-- We’ re going to make dumplings. 吾们打算包饺子。

人教新首点 一年级 Unit1 知识汇总

人教新首点六年级 Unit1 知识汇总

-- A cat. 一只猫。

6. You can take the subway . The subway is next to the hotel. 你能够乘地铁。地铁紧邻宾馆。


6. -- How are you going to celebrate it? 你们打算怎么祝贺它?

eg: -- How can I get to the Summer Palace? 吾怎样才能到达颐和园?


-- That’ s Jenny, my cousin. 那是詹妮,吾堂妹。

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